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The German Shepherd Dog has guided the blind, guarded the soldier, found the bodies, and protected the police officer. They have given us their all.... Can we give them any less?

Dawn Restuccia, President Last Hope, Safe Haven, Inc.

Last Hope, Safe Haven, Inc. is a 501c3 financial bridge Organization, providing approved rescues with the necessary funding to facilitate saving and rehoming German Shepherd Dogs facing critical situations nationwide.

Last Hope, Safe Haven, Inc. in brief:

Here is one example of a rescue in which Last Hope, Safe Haven participated:

Meet Willy
Willy at 16# Willy in Trouble
Weighing only 16# at the tender Age of 4 months, Willy came into the shelter starved, emaciated, and infested with both fleas and mange. Through the Efforts of a team of dedicated rescue workers,together with funding assistance from Last Hope, Safe Haven, Inc., Willy went on to make a full recovery and found his forever home. He loves to get into mischief, as evidenced by the shredded paper around him and the sly grin on his face!

About Us

Last Hope, Safe Haven, Inc.'s dedicated volunteers represent the many different avenues of the German Shepherd Dog enthusiast. They are breeders, AKC show exhibitors and judges, Obedience competitors, as well as companion and Schutzhund dog owners. Incorporated in September of 2007, after witnessing the tragically high number of purebred German Shepherds facing euthanasia in shelters, we banded together to develop a more efficient way to assist the financially overburdened rescues in their efforts to save our beloved breed.

Last Hope Safe Haven, Inc. members have developed sound working relationships with many shelters, German Shepherd Rescue groups, German Shepherd breeders, and individual owners who share our mission to save at-risk German Shepherd Dogs. Rescues locate dogs through these contacts as well as Petfinder and similar online organizations.

Last Hope Safe Haven, Inc. is a "One Stop Shop;" Rescues can contact us for financial assistance for:

  • Pull fees
  • Heartworm testing
  • Age appropriate spay/neuter
  • Necessary vaccinations
  • Up to 3 days of boarding pending transport (arranged for by the receiving rescue)

Through our "Syd Mailberg" fund, rescues assisting dogs requiring emergency medical care can apply for financial assistance and help in locating other avenues of support through our vast network of information sources.

Last Hope Safe Haven, Inc. is NOT a rescue in the traditional sense. We provide temporary assistance, both financially and with other resources, to approved rescues, so that the rescue's money is available to save more German Shepherds. We have also donated to a local pet food pantry from which rescues can draw dog food. Last Hope Safe Haven, Inc. does not:

  • Rescue or pull dogs from shelters
  • Pay for transport except for a licensed, insured transport company
  • Assist dogs with known aggression issues

Last Hope Safe Haven, Inc. has been instrumental in assisting in the salvation of over 470 German Shepherds to date; 470 beating hearts that would have been stilled forever if not for the commitment of our group members, our associated contacts, and individuals who have so generously donated time and money. By Donating to Last Hope Safe Haven, Inc. you are giving a German Shepherd whom Society has forgotten a new lease on life and love. With the current economic downturn, the number of German Shepherd Dogs in dire circumstances is rising drastically. Last Hope Safe Haven, Inc. depends entirely on donations to fund its activities. Your dollars count more than ever and can literally mean the difference between life and death for a dog in need! Please help us to keep another German Shepherd Dog's light burning brightly! We appreciate your generosity and support....and for the dogs, we thank you!

Last Hope, Safe Haven would like to give Special recognition to Timberwolf for their donation of over 1000# of Organic Dog Food for distribution to our approved rescues. Because of this generous donation, the rescues were able to hold dogs for a longer-than-normal period of time, pending transport or adoption. We, and the dogs, greatly appreciate Timberwolf's generosity and support of our efforts.

If you would prefer to donate by check
please mail to:

Last Hope, Safe Haven
P.O. Box 362
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675

We are deeply indebted to all who have supported our Efforts!

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